Xip delivers powerful features based on its robust building blocks


Xip Platform

Xip Platform is built to manage an innovative range of terminals, tags & transactions and deliver a sophisticated solution that is highly flexible, scalable and secure.


Xip Devices

A unique range of terminals developed to support NFC, QR, Audio and Biometric based payments. Be it online or offline, mass or niche market, they cover all the use cases at a very affordable cost as they are designed for scale & flexibility.

XipPOS Desktop
  • Support for 2G, 3G and/or Wifi
  • USB, Till connectivity, Dual Screen
  • Portable/desktop with and without printer


An innovative range of NFC tags which serve as a unique linked identifier for both online and stored value payments. Tags are available in various form factors like a card, sticker or modular wearables, to suit the lifestyle of your consumers.

Xip Tag
  • Provisioned with unique card/sticker ID
  • Supports MIFAREĀ® Classic, Plus, Ultralight, DESFire
  • Encrypted for security
  • Stored value support for offline transactions


XipAPPs allow the extension of Xip Platform's online and offline capability to Android NFC phones and Android based NFC Terminals.

Xip Apps
  • Merchant App for Android terminals
  • HCE (Virtual Card) for consumers
  • SDKs for easy integration and customization
  • Co-branding and feature customization